How To Boil An Egg

You either love ‘em or you hate ‘em but you definitely should know how to cook ‘em! Everybody has their own favorite way to make a boiled egg, but I love my method because it simplifies the process and leaves little room for error. Let me show you how to make boiling eggs simple and stress-free so that you can become a total boiled egg boss!

If you’re looking for a fool-proof cooking method for boiled eggs, look no further. Always make sure to have your water boiling before you put the eggs in the pot so you can control how soft the yolks will be. Pre-boiling your water also makes the eggs easier to peel once they’re done cooking, which is a total game changer. 

Once your eggs are in the water, it’s important to lower the heat to a simmer so your eggs don’t over-cook. Keeping your eggs in for a longer period of time will make the yolk harder, and a shorter cooking time will result in soft running yolks (#yolkporn baby!).

Putting your eggs into an ice bath directly after taking them out of the boiling water is important so that they stop cooking immediately. The ice bath cools the eggs and also makes them easier to peel. Peeling the eggs while they’re still in the water helps the shells fall right off and is less of a mess to clean up.

Another trick I use to make peeling easier? Use a spoon! Running a spoon gently between the egg and the shell will speed up the entire peeling process. 



  • Add eggs to a boiling pot of water filled 3/4 of the way up the pot

  • Lower the heat to a simmer and begin timing how long your eggs have been cooking

  • Let eggs cook for 3-12 minutes

  • Take eggs out of water and place directly into an ice bath

  • Gently tap the egg on your countertop to crack the shell on all sides and peel the eggs partially in water

The sky’s the limit with boiled eggs, pals. Whether you add them to a salad, eat them on their own, or on top of avocado toast, share your successes with me by tagging @elenabesser on Instagram so I can see all the egg-cellent things you’re making!