How To Fry an Egg

There’s nothing better than a fried egg. Whether you’re new to the kitchen and want to learn how to make one, or are a pro and just want to buff up your skills, you’ve come to the right place. 

To make the perfect fried egg, start by adding a thin layer of oil to your frying pan so that it covers the entire surface. Once the oil is hot (about 30 seconds) crack the egg into your pan. If you want a picture perfect egg with the yolk in the center, you can use your finger to move the yolk until it sets in the desired spot.

I always make sure to cover my pan with a lid to make sure my egg cooks evenly. The thin egg white will always cook faster than the thick egg white so covering the pan prevents having a loose egg white.

Once the egg is plated, I sometimes trim the sides with a knife to make it look nicer—do it for the Insta, ya know?


  • Add oil to frying pan over medium heat

  • Crack into pan

  • Cover pan with lid for about 3 minutes

  • Remove egg from pan

So now that you’re a fried egg pro, you’ll be impressing all of your friends with your excellent breakfast food-cooking skills. I want to see all the great things you’re making so don’t forget to tag @elenabesser on Instagram so I can check it out!