How To Make An Omelet


The ominous omelet. Guys flipping an omelet is scary, but you can do it!! Shying away from an omelet because of the complicated flip is just straight up silly because omelets are fun and delicious. You can literally put anything in an omelet (meat, cheese, veggies, etc.) and they’re a great way to turn left over food into a new meal. 

If you want a perfect omelet (and omelet flip) start by whisking 3 eggs into a bowl and adding a three finger pinch of salt to keep the eggs light and fluffy. 

When your pan is heated and the butter starts to foam, you’ll know it’s time to pour in your eggs. Once the eggs are in the pan stir them continuously until they are lightly set. If you want your omelet to be a little runnier you should stop stirring a little earlier. 

After adding your desired toppings, run a spatula between the pan and the omelet. Doing this will loosen the egg from the bottom of the pan and set you up for a badass omelet flip!

To actually execute the flip, tilt your pan so that the egg slides slightly to one side and slowly flip the omelet over onto itself. The tilt of your pan should help you fold your omelet naturally. 


  • Whisk 3 eggs in bowl until homogenous

  • Add salt to eggs

  • Add butter to non-stick pan over medium heat

  • Once butter is foamy, but not browned, add into middle of pan and stir continuously

  • Add toppings of your choice onto half of the egg

  • Run spatula under omelet

  • Tilt pan and fold omelet over

You did it. A perfectly folded and great tasting omelet. If it took you a couple of tries, don’t worry about it...we’ve all been there.