Scrambled Eggs


Scrambled eggs. A brunch’s best friend. A staple in the American kitchen. Scrambled eggs don’t need to be over-complicated, and everyone has their own tips and tricks, but here are a few of my own so you’ll never have to trouble-shoot for the best scrambled eggs ever again.

To get perfect scrambled eggs, your first step is to add salt to the eggs before you cook them . Doing this will help your eggs stay super fluffy while they cook because the salt acts as a buffer between the proteins in the egg so they don’t tighten up—science!

Now onto the pan, the heat, the fire! But don’t get too excited, scrambled eggs cook best at consistent medium to low heat. A lower temperature means that your eggs will cook slowly and be more custardy once they’re done. 

In order to achieve custardy and delicious eggs it is also necessary to agitate them--meaning don’t leave them alone! The eggs should be constantly moving around in your pan until they’re ready to be taken off the heat.

About 30 seconds before your eggs have reached the desired consistency, remove them from the heat! The internal heat from the eggs and the heat from the pan will continue to cook the eggs a bit more and we don’t want to over-cook them. You can also do this at any time during your cooking process if you think your eggs are cooking too quickly. 



  • Crack eggs into a bowl and add a pinch of salt

  • Whisk eggs until they are a homogenous light yellow color

  • Oil pan and heat on medium

  • Agitate eggs over medium to low heat

  • Take eggs off heat 30 seconds before they have reached the desired consistency

Now you’re all set!! You’ve got some gorgeous fluffy eggs and they’re ready to eat. I love plating mine with toast, bacon, or avocado, but the choice is yours my friend!