How To Upgrade Store-Bought Apps

This is a hack for hosting that will change your life.

When I am having a group over for dinner, I tend to focus so much on the actual meal and forget about appetizers. So, to help myself out on nights when I’m running around the kitchen trying to get everything together, I just buy some dips and chips from the store. Yup. But don’t worry, I make them look like I made them myself. Let me explain.



As an appetizer, you can’t go wrong with veggies and hummus. But, we’re going to make our store bought hummus a little more exciting and appealing to the eye.

you will need:

  • Store bought hummus

  • Olive oil

  • Za’atar

  • Salt (My favorite is Maldon) ns)

  • Chopped parsley (Optional)

I like to start out by scooping the hummus into a dish and smoothing over the top. Then I use a spoon to create a moat in my hummus so that the spices and olive oil we’re going to add have a place to hang out.

First, let’s drizzle a healthy amount of olive oil over our hummus. If you want to be exact about it, 2 tablespoons should be good.

Next sprinkle salt, za’atar, and chopped parsley over the hummus. Not only will this make it look great, these additions will add SO much flavor to your hummus. Za’atar is a middle eastern oregano and sesame spice blend, you should be able to find it at your local grocery. You can definitely find it on Amazon. (add the affiliate link here).



No one will turn down gorgeous, golden potato chips, so they’re an automatic crowd pleaser. We’re turning a regular ‘ole bag of chips into a dazzling appetizer.

you will need:

  • Potato chips (I love Kettle Cooked)

  • Olive oil

  • Chopped chives

  • Parmesan cheese

  • Pepper

I like to use a shallow bowl so that I get some nice height when I pile my chips into it. Next, drizzle the pile of chips with olive oil. You don’t need a ton of oil for this, just enough to make the cheese and chives stick :)

Add grated parmesan cheese and chopped chives to your chips. The green chives will provide nice contrast and an element of freshness and your chips will practically be screaming “eat me!”

You can also add freshly ground pepper (totally optional) to taste, and voila! Your guests will be delighted with this towering pile of cheese and chips (who wouldn’t be?!) and it will look so damn professional.

This is literally the easiest possible way to serve appetizers that look and taste bomb, and no one needs to know they came from the supermarket. It’s all about the presentation baby. Enjoy.